Saturday, 18 July 2015

The beginning of the second phase.

This week I turned 50. It wasn't dramatic other than it made me consider where I was at this point in time and this is what I discovered:

  • I would like to be slimmer and healthier. The menopause and life have taken over and I don't feel in control but there is no reason for me to let this continue. Action point 1 - Take Back Control
  • I put others before myself almost all the time and sometimes I resent it, but actually often it's my choice and I'm not good at saying what I want. Action point 2 - Think About What I Want and Ask For It
  • I am part way to my goal of being a psychologist but I need to keep working towards my goal. Action point 3 - Apply for my Masters and think about what to join and who to connect with now
  • There are certain people who suck my energy and make me anxious, or who don't acknowledge me in a way that show they value me - hey brother I include you in this. Action point 4 - Let These People Go
  • I protect other people from stuff that's going on and how I'm feeling because I value their sanity more than mine. Action point 5 - Share and Let Them Take Some of the Load
  • I am serious and often anxious. Action point 6 - Laugh More
So there you have it. My action plan. I'm currently on holiday so this starts as soon as I get back. Except the laughing, that starts now.